Asif Gafoor DG ISPR exposed Indian Army Chief Lie

DG ISPR Asif Gafoor Today Press Conference

General Asif Gafoor DG ISPR gives shut off call to Indian Army chief who threatens Pakistan sovereignty. Yesterday Indian Army Chief in a statement accused Pakistan of hovering terrorism in balakot.


Indian Army chief senselessly blamed Pakistan for establishing a terrorist’s training camp in Balakot. Indian Army chief is known for its immaturity and senseless actions either its verbel seen most oftenly and practically seen on 27 February when Pakistan shot down two indian jets in a dog fight. Which occurs after indian planted terror attack in IOK. 
In today DG ISPR gives shut up call to IAC. Asif Gafoor confidently said that we are ready and we will give india a crushing response if he tries to underestimate Pakistan’s sovereignty. This redponse will be more furious then 27 February. He bluntly denies terror camp charges by indian AC. 
Watch generals Asif Gafoor complete press conference from below.

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