How to open bank account of an branch in Pakistan

How To Open A Bank Account..

 Now I wanna tell you that how you can open account in Pakistan.

 There are Following steps were taken to open a account.

 1:-Selection Of Bank & Branch:-
     The individual intending to open a bank account has to select a bank and its branch

 2:- Selection Of Account:
After the selection of bank and its branch the prospective customer has to choose the type of account from among.

* Current Account.
*Saving Account.
*Fixed Deposit Account.
*PLS Saving Account.
*PLS Term Deposit Account.
*Joint Account.
*Call Deposit Account.
*Foreign Currency Account.

3. Contact With The Selected Branch Of The Bank:
The prospective account holder has to contact the selected branch of the bang and obtain all necessary information about opening the account.

4. Getting Form:-

The said person has to obtain a printed form from the bank which is different for different account which is supplied free to cost and fill it properly.

5. Documents Attached:-

For each type of customer different type of documents have to be attached to the application form for opening account.

6. Specimen Signature Card:-

The bank issues a specimen signature card for recording the signature to be used by account holder for future reference at the time of withdrawal (It is supplied free of cost).

7. Deposit Of Amount:-

The amount holder deposits the minimum prescribed amount for the type of account to be opened. (More then prescribed minimum can be deposited).

8. Issuance Of Account Number & Documents:-

The bank after making necessary inquiries allow the customer to open the account and issues the following Documents, etc.

* Pay in ship.
* Cheque Book.
* Pass Book.

The account number is recorded on these documents, etc either printed or in writing.

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